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Welcome to our first Telkom Do Gaming League weekly review. This week saw both victory and defeat for Forge Gaming Network teams. Helping me out with this weeks analysis is Venolin Govender, AXE DGL manager, and Arie Harris, FLG DGL manager.

Open Division

Starting with our open division teams, AXE X-Plicit, AXE X-Rated and FLG Soul Reapers, who are competing in League of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive.

“This year is a completely fresh start for FGN and DGL. After pulling our A2P teams from last years DGL, we decided to enter two fresh teams to represent FGN and AXE in League of Legends and Counter Strike GO and of course we now also have the FLG teams,” comments Venolin who went on to describe the weeks results.

Both AXE teams had shaky starts in the last week, losing 2 – 1 to Erratic Android in League and 2 – 1 to In-Finity Gaming in CSGO. Today week 2 begun and the X-Plicit team took their game by the jugular and completely dominated their opponents. Seeing the team win both games with a 34 and 29 kill lead, showing us they have what it takes to take it to the top. unfortunately the X-Rated team is not playing this week but I’m sure they will have plenty to prove to us next week.

FLG Soul Reapers took on AG Hellfire Helix on Sunday and comfortably took home a 2 – 0 win. FLG Soul Reapers will be facing off against Spartan Sandwich Jar this week.

Premier Division

Moving onto our highlight game of the week we have our premier division League of Legends team, FLG Kings, who faced off against Dominus eSports, one of SA’s best teams.

The first game of three was an intense battle between two midlane monsters, King’s Claxzor on Azir versus Dominus’s Prestito on LeBlanc. The early game saw both mid laners secure kill after kill, yet Dominus had the clear advantage with their adc Kiddo playing Graves and taking a 4 kill lead against FLG’s own adc. However, this advantage proved futile in the late game as Kiddo, who now on a tremendous 12 kills, gets caught by a fantastic Thresh hook by King’s FluffyNutz, allowing Kings to secure Baron. Along with Azir’s overwhelming presence and buffed minions Kings are able to steamroll through Dominus’s base and take the nexus.

DGL Week 1 Thresh Hook

The second game saw Dominus target ban Thresh and Azir forcing Kings to change over to Orianna and Leona. Dominus’s Prestito was also substituted for slayeRyEyEyE who picked Xerath. However, it proved to be top lane which decided the second game with Dominus’s Roaty playing Maokai against an eccentric Shen pick by King’s Mrawden. Maokai proceed to snowball out of control from an early game teleport to gank bot lane, securing himself an impressive four kills. Kings now unable to deal with the control of a fed Maokai and the long range damage Xerath yields, slowly lose turrets and eventually their nexus.

Both teams now even, entered the third and deciding game. Dominus continued with their target bans of Azir and Thresh. However, Kings don’t ban Dominus Prestito’s LeBlanc, who is now back in for their final game. Unfortunately for Kings, this proves to be their outdoing as Claxzor, who is now on Ahri fails to keep up with LeBlanc as she progresses to tear Kings apart. Dominus secure victory with a 19 kill advantage and a 13 kills for 6 deaths LeBlanc.DGL Week 1 Ahri

We caught up with FLG’s manager Arie Harris to find out his thoughts about the teams performance.

I’m very happy with both FLG Kings and FLG Soul Reapers performance in the first round, sad that Kings could not get the win, but it’s a really new team lineup. Good luck for all the FGN clans in next round!

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