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Looks like we botched up with our Telkom Do Gaming League weekly reviews, sorry about that. This weeks review covers the past two weeks of matches by the Forge Gaming Network teams. As usual Venolin Govender, AXE DGL manager, and Arie Harris, FLG DGL manager helped me out with keeping track of each team’s progress.

Premier Division

League of Legends

FLG Kings took on the underdog team BISH Prime on the 22nd of February and took home a convincing 2 – 0 win.

FLG Kings vs Prime

Open Division

League of Legends

On the 22nd of February AxE X-Plicit took on SpanR [Rasna Rangers] and took home a convincing 2 – 0 victory. The game proved to be an easy victory for AxE X-Plicit.

AXE X-Plicit Vs SpanR

FLG Soul Reapers unfortunately suffered their first loss of the season on the 19th of February when they faced off against Ag Revelation.  After winning the 1st game with more than 20 kills and leading the 2nd game Ag Revelation paused for about 9 minutes, 3 minutes more than the maximum allowed time, and after the pause Ag Revelation where like a different team, item builds changed and so did play style. This continued and the 3rd game had to be played. According to all SR members they can’t see how their opponents just became better.

In speaking with FLG’s manager, Arie Harris, he questioned whether it was possible that the long pause gave them time to swap players? But also acknowledged that with that said SR now know that they will have to step up their game.


Update from Arie Harris:

To add here the AG team in the second game also paused the game for more than 5 minutes, after FLG Sangtum informed them its not allowed they kept it paused saying that’s not the rules, so clearly they don’t know the rules. And FLG Sangtum did not agree on the pause for longer than 5min.

Update from DG|League Admin:

Just a heads up that pauses may only be used when reasonable justification is given. Teams are only allowed to pause for up to 5 minutes unless agreed upon by your opponents. The following is taken from the League of Legends rule set:

A pause may last at most five minutes. This may be overwritten should both teams agree to it

Counter Strike GO

Continuing the controversy AxE X-RaTeD took an unfortunate enforced forfeit to GRRR Glock Blockers. This was due to a technicality in the way AxE X-RaTeD members had their Steam ID’s listed on their profile, the correct method is as such: STEAM_0:0:11716758

CSGO League SteamID

Premier Division

League of Legends

FLG Kings took on Ventus LoL on the 1st of March. Ventus came out strong in the 1st game to take an early lead. Kings however, would have none of this and bounced back to win the second game and take it to a 3rd game. Kings managed to not make the same mistakes as they did in their first game and won the last game to take the win.

FLG Kings Vs Ventus

Open Division

League of Legends

AxE X-Plicit was set to play Ascend Justify by the 1st of March. However, Ascend Justify claimed to have retired, yet this has not been reflected on the group list. We are still waiting to for an update regarding Ascend Justify current status. Needless to say the match was not played.

FLG Soul Reapers took on Th3E Of Control on the 26th of February. Playing and winning two games to take a no questions asked victory. Thankfully no controversy was involved.

FLG SR Vs Control

Counter Strike GO

AxE X-RaTeD faced Яush Vengeance on the 25th of February. Unfortunately, for Axe, Яush Vengeance took a 2 – 1 victory.

AXE X-Rated Vs Rush

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