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Forge Gaming Services

Forge Gaming Network Teamspeak SVG
Server NameIPPortPlayersPingUp TimeStatusConnect
Forge Gaming129.232.233.839987N/AN/AmsN/A DaysOfflineMAYBE LATER

Forge Gaming Network CSGO SVG
Server NameIPPortPlayersMapVersionStatusConnect
FGN PUG 1129.232.233.8427015N/AN/AN/AOfflineMAYBE LATER
FGN PUG 2129.232.233.8427016N/AN/AN/AOfflineMAYBE LATER
FGN Casual UK178.62.55.8427015N/AN/AN/AOfflineMAYBE LATER

Forge Gaming Network Minecraft SVG
Server NameIPPortPlayersVersionStatusConnect
FGN MC Survival129.232.233.8425565N/AN/AOfflineMAYBE LATER

Forge Gaming Community


Forge Gaming eSports has been established to compete in CSGO tournaments. However, we have many members who play CSGO more casually and we host our own PUG 128-tick servers.

League of Legends

League of Legends continues to be one of the core games which FGN members play. We have members from Bronze to Diamond as well as a handful of Twitch.TV Streamers.

Dota 2

Dota 2’s popularity within South Africa has skyrocketed in the past few years. Many FGN members enjoy the low latency which Dota 2 offers South Africans.


Blizzard’s new kid on the block is making a big impact globally, if you’re an avid FPS fan come check out FGN and find a friendly community to play Overwatch with.

Forge Gaming Teamspeak


99.9% Uptime

Forge Gaming Network’s Teamspeak 3 server platform is hosted on an industry-leading SLA, which promises hardware, network, and infrastructure up-time of 99.9%.

Local Hosted

Local Hosting

Our game hosting is based locally in Johannesburg in a N+1 Data Center, on a Vendor Neutral Network with multiple network providers for redundancy. Providing you with the best gaming experience!

Cloud Hosted KVM


Enterprise-grade Hyper-V for improved network performance and security. Allowing us to worry about which game servers to provide you and not whether we have the capacity. Everything is done in house, relying on no third party to host our game server!

Free Community Channels


We are proud to be one of SA’s most trusted gaming networks. We help multiple small – large gaming communities, and have multiple clans and guilds in a wide variety of games!

Forge Gaming Presence

We host some services in London and have many members from the UK
Most of our game hosting is in Johannesburg ideal for the majority of our members!
We also have members from multiple EU countries
Our members located in Cape Town will also experiencing great connectivity to our gaming servers which make use of dedicated fiber links!
We have some members down under and are always keen to find new friends!

Active User Forum

Find information regarding the Forge Gaming Network, what games we host and our future plans. Meet fellow gamers and discover new communities in a wide range of games. We also discuss gaming, technology, coffee, anime and more!

For real-time chat support join the Forge Gaming Network Discord!

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