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Black Desert, the upcoming South Korean massively multiplayer online role-playing game has already teased us with its uniquely detailed character creation system. Now Pearl Abyss the South Korean based developers have released a glimpse into the vast world of Black Desert with their latest dizzying fly through tour.

But will the west get to explore it?

Black Desert is stated to feature a sandbox-style world, possibly similar to other games including Rift and Everquest Next Landmark and includes a dynamic weather system.

However, as enticing as Black Desert appears to be, a western release is still up in the air, though the game is scheduled for an April 22 closed beta in South Korea. Intriguingly in February this year Pearl Abyss announced that a publisher had been secured for localizing the client for the Russian market. An English client version is in development however, as yet no publisher has been found, a 2014 western-release may not be off the cards but looks unlikely.

Below you can see the games character creation system in action.

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