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2015 a new year, a new season of DGL and a fresh start for the Forge Gaming Network. As you can see we have been hard at work producing our new website, setting up our hosting services and improving our content generation. 2015 will see us producing considerably more content including gaming, technology and local articles, long form editorials, such as our An in depth look into Final Fantasy XV and a new bi-weekly LCS review by our guest writer Marco “Meowingtons” Deale.

Along with all the changes to our site and Teamspeak 3 server we have some major announcements to make about new clan partnerships, Do Gaming League 2015 as well as our free and paid for services which help to support many small clans.

New Partnerships

We are overjoyed to welcome Fearless Gaming ZA and Axelerated eSports Gaming as the first official clans to partner with the Forge Gaming Network.


FLG Logo

Fearless Gaming ZA is a single team clan which performed particularly well in DGL during 2014, though starting of the Summer Leg in the 1st Division their performance was rocky, narrowly avoiding relegation and managing to make playoffs and stay in 1st Division. The Winter Leg started with a revised FLG team which resulted in the team performing extremely well, only losing one match up during the entire leg. During the League of Legends DGC 2014 at Rage Expo FLG did not make Premier Division but managed to qualify for DGC 2014. Fearless Gaming ZA will be competing in DGL 2015 with a slightly altered team now including our own Caleb “Gutbuster” Womack.


Axe Gaming Logo

Axelerated eSports Gaming is a multi-team competitive gaming organisation with an active community. Axe Gaming’s goal is grow eSports within South Africa, they have organised multiple large LAN events at sponsored locations such as Carnival City. Axe Gaming are entering 8 teams into DGL 2015 competing in multiple games from League of Legends to Counter Strike Global Offensive. AXE Gaming also frequently holds tournaments in which players can win real prizes for competing.

Do Gaming League 2015

Assembled to Play

Last year was a reasonably uneventful year for Forge Gaming Network and Do Gaming League, our sole clan Assembled to Play entered DGL but had to withdraw due to an unstable roster. This year however, things are changing along with our new partnerships with FLG & AXE Gaming our existing clan Assembled to Play will not be entering any teams into DGL 2015. However, this does not mean FGN won’t be present in DGL.

Assembled to Play Logo

Assembled to Play is now a primarily casual clan, we still have plenty of members who play many games including ranked League of Legends and of course we will continue to operate the Assembled to Play Mysts of Tyria Guild.

Assembled to Play’s existing League of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive teams have been migrated over to AXE Gaming and will now compete in DGL 2015 under the [FGN][AXE] banners. Please note Venolin Govender is managing both teams (League: X-Plicit and CSGO: X-RaTeD), if any members have questions regarding this change please contact Venolin Govender.

FGN Mascot

FGN Hosting

Over the past few months we have been considering what exactly FGN’s future is and whilst we are completely committed to our gaming community, without you guys we would not exist and into the future we have big plans for our gaming community.

However, with that stated Forge Gaming has some talented individuals as well as a reputation for rock solid servers, unique backend development as well as stellar graphic design. Therefore we have made the decision to expand Forge Gaming Network into a fully featured hosting provider.

Don’t worry if you have any free services from us that won’t be changing, but we are streamlining our offerings and providing better clarity about what and how Forge Gaming Network can support your gaming community, company or individual product, hence the need for our new site.

See how we can help your clan

Starting from February: all clans, guilds, businesses or individuals who are using our services will need to make sure they have an account on our new website as well as have placed an order for any product you currently have. An example of this would be:

You currently have free channel hosting on the FGN Teamspeak 3 server. You now need to make an account on our new website and place an order for Free Channel Hosting.

We will be assisting clans to complete this during February, please come onto our Teamspeak if you would like assistance. By the end of February we will however, be removing any existing services if a client has not completed the above task!


We now have three clearly defined Teamspeak 3 offerings to help your gaming community. Unfortunately FGN is not a Teamspeak 3 reseller and this is unlikely to ever change, therefore these products are available as they are:

Free Channel Hosting

TS Channel Hosting

Premium Channel Hosting

TS Channel Hosting Paid

Teamspeak Hosting

Teamspeak Hosting

Atom (VPS) Hosting

Along with our basic Teamspeak hosting packages we offer FGN Atom Hosting. Now what on earth is an atom? An atom is simply our term for a single Virtual Private Server. Our Atom hosting is divided into two categories:

Local Atoms which are hosted by our infrastructure partner in Johannesburg, South Africa. Matter of fact the FGN Teamspeak 3 server is hosted on its very own Local Atom Server.

The second is Global Atoms, which are hosted by our US infrastructure partner all over the world, from the United States, United Kingdom to Singapore. Our Global Atoms also come with ForgeCP which is a control panel custom built by FGN for our customers to control their Atom. Our own site runs of a small Global Atom 🙂

Local Atom Hosting

TS Channel Hosting Paid

Global Atom Hosting

TS Channel Hosting

Atom Management

Teamspeak Hosting

Full Atom Management

This solution is ideal for clan owners/admins and individuals who want to migrate all their existing services such as; teamspeak, minecraft, etc over to one of our Atom packages but have little or no experience with Linux and SSH.

With FGN’s Full Atom Management we will take care of all the complicated stuff, leaving you to manage your community or run your business.

Welcome to FGN

If you are an existing member or clan admin we welcome you to the new Forge Gaming Network and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us! If this is your first time visiting Forge Gaming Network please take a look at the rest of the site, there is plenty of content as well as important information which can help grow your clan, guild or community.

We’re looking forward to 2015, we expect eSports to get even larger this year in South Africa and FGN is going to be there at every big event, we look forward to future partnerships and an active and connected South African gaming community.

If you are a business or individual who is interested in our products please get in contact with us, our products are aimed at you as much as they are towards gaming communities, we would be glad to work out a tailored solution to help your business.

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๏ BA (Hons) Architecture Graduate ๏ Gamer • Web-Designer • Artist • Forge Network Founder. Editor and Designer for Forge Gaming Network.

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    how to hook up to team speak for war thunder

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