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Assembled to Play was founded by Marc Berman in 2011 as a small gaming community centred around Call of Duty. Along with the help of Jeremy Paton and Clint Rogers the community started to grow rapidly, we were able to setup our own TeamSpeak 3 server as well as develop our own website. Since the formation of A2P the clan’s focus has shifted from Call of Duty towards games such as League of Legends and Guild Wars 2.


The A2P community is primarily South African with some international staff and members. We strive to provide a friendly, professional, yet competitive environment for gamers who play a wide range of PC games. Our community is our keystone and have helped to support us immensely.

In October 2012 the Mysts of Tyria Guild Wars 2 Guild was established by A2P to provide a friendly semi-casual guild for the community.

Tournaments & More

Though we are a casual clan A2P annually enters the Do Gaming League Tournament hosted by Telkom in South Africa, competing in League of Legends and Counter Strike GO. We also have plans to enter ESL tournaments.

Our members regularly play solo and team ranked LoL games and and have achieved gold or higher leagues.

Forge Gaming Network

We are proud to say that the Forge Gaming Network Teamspeak 3 server is the largest independent server in South Africa!

Since the formation of A2P we have founded a clan development network which we’ve named the Forge Gaming Network in order to provide support to small gaming communities. In doing so we changed the A2P Teamspeak server into the FGN Teamspeak server which now hosts many small and medium South African clans including Assembled to Play. If you are interested in joining A2P connect to our the Forge Gaming Teamspeak server or see the form bellow

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A2P Rules

  • Cheating in any form
  • Hacking in any form
  • Trolling in game or feeding
  • Excessive verbal abuse
  • Racism, sexism, xenophobia or Anti-Semitism
  • Disrupting game play
  • Degrading for another member
  • Using another members nickname (Smurfing)
  • Not using the [A2P] tag in matches
  • Degrading the reputation of the clan or FGN
  • Accessing a members PC without permission.
  • Abusing your admin rights, including: Malicious kicks and bans or edits to the TS server.

  • You need to be registered on our DGL group!
  • You are kind and respectful
  • You respect your team and opponents
  • You play regularly and take ladder games seriously
  • You have confidence and can communicate well
  • You may be asked to enter tournaments
  • You will contribute to the clan outside of playing games
  • You help grow and promote A2P and FGN
  • You will participate in discussions on the forums and on TeamSpeak
  • Please note these rules can change at any time
  • You abide by the above rules and the FGN TS rules at all time!

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