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If you’re a fan of the Forge Gaming Network and you wish to support our Gaming Community, please consider using one/some of the links below. Some can be used once, others can be used multiple times. When you use these links it shows that the Forge Gaming Network is referring business to these companies and in return we get the resources we need from them to keep doing our jobs and bring you the best content we can! Thank you for supporting the Forge Gaming Network.

Clan Pay

By being a contributor you are helping us cover the month-to-month expenses that go into hosting and running the FGN Services: Hosting, Domains, Software, Competitions, etc. This stuff might sound boring, but not having to worry about this kind of stuff lets us focus on what we do best: creating new, exciting content for you guys to enjoy!

VIPs: Monthly Financial contributors. The VIP Group is assigned to those who contribute monthly to FGN.

FGN International Donations

 International Donations: If you would like to donate to our monthly Web Server operating cost or future competitions.

FGN South African Donations

South African Donations: If you would like to donate to our monthly TS3 & Game Server operating cost or are a South African citizen.

Clothing & More

Represent the Forge Gaming Network with a shirt from the Society6. We use only the highest quality shirts from Society6 (American Apparel T-shirts) and shipping is available internationally. Make sure you check back from time to time because we’ll be adding more designs in the future!


Amazon.co.uk has an excellent affiliate program! If you shop there, please amend your Amazon Bookmark with Forge Gaming Network’s affiliate link! Anything you buy in the next hour after navigating to the site with that affiliate code will give the Forge Gaming Network a commission that ranges from 4% to 10%! This really, really helps us!



Forge Gaming Network represents multiple eSports teams competing at all levels, from social clans to competitive teams participating in Telkom’s Do Gaming League.

E-Sports in South Africa is growing at a rapid rate, facilitating a new advertising and marketing sector for companies. However, competing professionally in tournaments is still a difficult balance between work and personal commitments for many players. The paradigm shift in gaming from a hobby to an active lifestyle is happening, but in order for professional gaming to achieve the same status as traditional sports we need more investment from the big guys!


We are primarily looking for support from companies who specialise in technology such as ISPs, Gaming Peripheral Manufacturers and PC Retailers who can help our players with costs such as PC equipment and broadband. However, we would also love to hear from any other company interested in supporting eSports in South Africa.

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