Important: Unfortunately too few people are aware that there are rules on our Teamspeak 3 Server so here they are clearly laid out.

Code of Conduct


  • We the Admins of FGN reserve the right to terminate service for all/any user(s) without prior notification if deemed necessary by the Admins and Founders.
  • Playing music (over 1 min) over TeamSpeak is not allowed in public channels, there are specific channels in which this is acceptable.
  • Joining TeamSpeak while being drunk or otherwise intoxicated is not recommended and could result in negative consequences so please take care to avoid such situations.
  • Personal issues/problems (Does not include family deaths, hospitalization, trauma, and computer issues) must be kept off the server and will not be tolerated. If an incident occurs then the involved parties will be given one chance before drastic measures are taken.
  • Please remember FGN’s TS is for public discussion, moving people out of channels to speak privately, is frankly rude! Keep private discussions to WhatsApp, FB, etc.
  • Using TeamSpeak to reveal in-game enemy positions and strategies while you are dead or sharing strategic information with the opposite team is classified as cheating and will lead to serious consequences.
  • Players are not allowed to accuse others of cheating without providing some sort of proof/evidence.
  • You are held responsible for whoever uses TeamSpeak on your computer/account.
  • Talking in admin chat (Forge Gaming Network Channel) is only reserved for important notices and not general conversation,
  • Advertising in TeamSpeak channels will result in an instant ban, the length will be determined by the admin.
  • If a person has their microphone, and headphones muted, as well as their away sign activated or has an idle time longer than 15 minutes will be moved to the AFK channel.
  • If you constantly are afking in public channels you shall be assigned the ‘afk warning’ server group this group will kick you from the server after 30 mins of idle time and shall be enforced for 1 day to see the rules being implemented.
  • This is primarily an English Teamspeak server and as such if there is an English speaking user in your channel, we would appreciate you to be considerate to your fellow users and speak a mutual language.
  • Recording in channel is strictly prohibited unless permission is given by any FGN Admin or Founder.


  • Names that are sexually explicit, racist, discriminatory or otherwise insulting are not allowed.
  • Names that provoke discussion about religion and/or politics are not allowed.
  • This policy counts for channel names and channel descriptions too.
  • No spoofing names.
  • Nicknames which are erroneous or vague, such as: “TeamSpeakUser, Guest1234, User1234, FGNuser1234. A2Puser1234, Admin, etc” are prohibited!
  • Domain names: .com


  • Avatars that are sexually explicit, racist, discriminatory or otherwise insulting are not allowed.
  • Guest avatars have a max size of 100KB.
  • Admins avatars have a max size of 1MB.
  • Founders & Staff avatars have a max size of 3MB.
  • Animated (.gif) avatars are reserved for Founders & Admins if over 100KB.
  • If an avatar is deemed inappropriate by an admin it should be changed.
  • Failure to comply with an Admins request to have an avatar removed can result in a ban from the server.
  • Anyone found with avatars of an explicit nature will be warned. Failure to remove the avatar will result in a permanent ban from the server.

File Sharing

  • Please note that the Forge Gaming Server is a VoIP ONLY service, file sharing is strictly prohibited to all members and staff.
  • We only have enough data cap for sending channel icons and avatars to new users along with the couple of hundred GB used on Audio, we cannot additionally support the uploading/downloading of files.
  • If you would like to upload files please use another service such as an FTP server or upload site.


  • No sexually explicit conduct or content.
  • No racist, discriminatory or otherwise insulting remarks.
  • No sexist comments, this goes for both genders!
  • No flaming or excessive swearing in the public games channels.
  • No discussing politics/religion in the public channels.
  • No discussing hacks or “Hacking” is permitted on the FGN TS server!

Microphone Activation

  • We strongly encourage the use of ‘push-to-talk’ mode as a way to activate your microphone, if your microphone picks up excessive ambient noise.
  • Using ‘voice-activation’ mode is allowed when using a headset or headphones, but make sure to set up sensitivity in such way that your microphone isn’t triggered by your breathing, or other background noises.
  • Excessive use of Voice modifications are not acceptable and appropriate action will be taken, especially if the intention is to troll.
  • We recommend using a good quality microphone as poorer quality ones will be harder to isolate background noise!

Free Clan Channels & Rules

  • Clans may order channels from Head Admins and Founders ONLY, free channels are not guaranteed and are provided at the discretion of Forge Gaming Network.
  • Limit of 9 Free channels.
  • Only one Clan Leader and two Clan Admins are allowed per clan unless a formal request is presented for more leaders or admins. Requires an active member count of +15.
  • Channel names and descriptions may not contain any form of rude language, racism or sexism.
  • No rude language, racism or sexism will be tolerated in open channels.
  • Channels with no channel admin or that are inactive for two weeks will be deleted unless an admin is notified.

Regards TS Admins

  • Server Founders have the right to change the rules when they see fit, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with the rules and to adhere to them at all times!
  • TeamSpeak server admins are recognizable by an [Admin] tag in their alias. Game server admins are recognizable by having an [*Game* Admin] tag in their name or having a gaming icon and associated group.
  • TeamSpeak server admins (and game server admins) directions have to be followed.
  • Our admins reserve the right to warn and subsequently remove anyone from TeamSpeak for any disruptive behaviour or rule breaking.
  • You may not use the [Admin] or [Games] tag in front of your nickname.


Note: The use of any services provided by Forge Gaming Network is at your own risk. Use our services kindly and with consideration for the admins and other users. If you are having Issues with anything that is FGN related (Abuse/Cheating/Bans and appeals) you are welcome to ask for assistance.