Assembled to Play Tournaments

Assembled to Play hosts a series of Tournaments throughout the year which are listed below. If you would like to participate in our tournaments please join the Assembled to Play clan.

Join A2P

All our tournaments are open to members of A2P and anyone can join the clan. Each tournaments winner will receive a prize, such as: in game currency, skins and titles on the Forge Gaming Network Teamspeak!

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Current Tournaments

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A2P 1v1 Tournament T&C

Terms & Conditions


Participation in the tournament is open to everyone. However,you will first need to join the Assembled to Play Clan, our clan is free and easy to join. Once you have joined our clan you will get the required DGL Entry Password.

In order to join the Assembled to Play Clan you need to register and join here:

Summoner Name
Your summoner name must be valid and you must have an account on EUW to participate. Please also make sure your valid summoner name is listed on your Do Gaming League Profile, failure to do so will result in match forfeits.


You will be sorted into groups based on your current ranked league, this is automatically determined when you enter the tournament. If you are currently unranked your previous season league will be used. If have never been ranked you will be placed in the bronze group.


It is up to you to arrange a match time within the given schedule. If the match is not played within the given schedule both players forfeit the match. If a single player misses an agreed upon time they will forfeit the match and the opposer will receive a win.

If you need to reschedule a match, after an agreed upon time, please give your opponent a 24 hour notice.

Group Stage:
During the group stage each player will play each player in their respective group. Please see the schedule we will be posting once registrations are closed.

Bracket Stage:
The top players from each group will play against the player from the group above them. An example would be the Bronze winner will play against the Silver Winner. The winners of each basket stage will move on to face each other, until a single victor remains.


Cheating is completely prohibited, this includes sabotaging your opponents ability to play the match, exploiting a known exploit in LoL, refusing to abide by the tournaments rules, refusing to complete or participate in a match, getting another player to play on your LoL account, playing on another persons LoL account or being rude or offensive to your opponent.

Chat & Pauses

All chat is restricted during each match. Unless a player needs to request a pause. Valid reasons for pauses are:

  • Temporary power failure – if on going please reschedule the match
  • Temporary high ping
  • Hardware trouble, such as a mouse dying, etc.
  • Medical reason

All other pauses such as dinner time, family arrangements, etc are not valid and will result in a forfeit.


You will be playing for:

  • RP
  • DJ Sona Skin
  • Titles on TS